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Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

Direct to Garment printers (DTG) have entered the market and give outstanding garment printing. Direct to Garment technology is a digital printing system delivering top resolution prints directly onto garments.

DTG equipment images are accurately transferred onto garments. High quality is another advantage of Direct to Garment printing. DTG is a comparatively new textile t-shirt printing technique that prints an image directly onto a garment or fabric.

Direct to Garment printers can print any type of artwork including photo prints and full colour printing at extremely high quality resolution. DTG can print any artwork onto any colour of t-shirts including dark colours such as black, etc.

It is the best way to print onto garments to make promotional, modified, or personalized garments. High-speed Direct to Garment printing is a smart solution for those looking for really crisp durable imaging.





Screen Printing

For - affordable, great for large designs
Against - not economical for small quantities.

Screen printing is one of the earliest methods of t shirt printing . It involves the passing of ink or any other printing medium through a mesh or 'screen' that has been stretched on a frame, and to which a stencil has been applied. The stencil openings determine the image that will thus be imprinted.

When screen printing, one colour at a time is applied and costs increase with each additional colour. Likewise separate screens are required for each colour, and hence, screen charges may be uneconomical if only a small quantity of clothing is required.

There is a setup charge which covers the cost of having the design made into a screen or screens. This charge is a “one off” charge as the screens are then stored for future use. Therefore, if you wanted to place another order in the future with the same design there would be no setup charge.

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For an exact quote based on your design, please call or email or fill out our online enquiry form.

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Embroidery is the process of sewing a digitised design onto garments.

Once we have your logo or design digitised in an embroidery software format, it can be loaded into our computerised embroidery machines for sewing.

Embroidery creates an impression of quality & style. It is excellent for polos, jackets, caps, knitwear etc.

Embroidery will normally outlast any garment onto which it is applied.

Each product that comes off our machines is checked for quality standards. Our aim is to ensure that your products are representative of our highest quality and service every time.

With many years in the trade, we have the experience and understanding of fabrics to ensure that every item that leaves our factory is perfect. Using the latest machinery you can be guaranteed a quality, accurately stitched logo.

Over the years, we have embroidered most items of clothing from head to toe and a little more! If you have a product you would like embroidered, but are not sure of the possibilities, please call to discuss as we may be able to provide a solution.



Embroidery Digitizing

The secret to quality embroidery is quality digitizing. At kwiklogo we have the experience and technology to produce the results of which clients are proud. The process begins with the artwork which we can accept in almost any format.  There is an embroidery setup charge which covers the cost of having the design digitised. This is a one off charge as once we have done this your design is stored and hence if you place an order in the future there will be no need to pay another setup charge. We have extensive archives and should a design be lost, we can easily provide copies.


Embroidery Application

There is an embroidery charge and it is directly based on the number of items to be embroidered with the same logo and the number of stitches:
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* For an exact quote based on your design, please call or email or fill out our online contact form



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Digital Transfer Printing


Unlike screen printing, where the ink absorbs slightly into the garment, transfers sit on top of the garment. This means they look sharp and bright. Digital Transfers are washable up to 60C and suitable to dry clean and iron. Available in all colours!

Digital transfers offer unlimited print colour combinations with quality reproduction and the versatility to print small quantities with colourful designs at affordable prices. Moreover, Digital Transfer printed shirts are fully washable and can be ironed after washing.

Certain products or logos are better suited using the transfer printing method which involves heat pressing cut vinyl polymers onto garments.

• Individual Names and Numbers

• Nylon fabrics - waterproofs, hi-vis jackets, umbrellas

• Lycra(R) or Spandex sports and leisurewear

• Stag/Hen Do's etc.

• Promotional - Fun T's



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T Shirt printing is one of Kwiklogo primary specialities and every job is completed by us in house. We don’t outsource any of our work as this makes it harder for us to keep customers items to our high standards that we have come to expect by completing every order in house.

We have a vast knowledge of t shirts and are able to help every customer in many ways, from helping to choose the right type of t shirt, whether its lightweight t shirts which are ideal for bulk orders and good for promotional uses, or fashionable t shirt’s for people that are looking for a more modern and fitted look. Kwiklogo have a wide range of t shirts available to print on from Fruit of the Loom, Gildan, Finden&Hales, Kariban to B&C our stock t shirt.

There are three options for getting your t shirt printing order completed but knowing which is best for you can be a bit of a minefield, so if you’re really stuck you can always contact us, or continue reading and it might explain things in more detail and help you understand the complicated world of t shirt printing.

Screen Printing is one of the most commonly applied t shirt printing methods that there is, being ideal for larger designs where most of the t shirt is taken up by the design. Screen printing is best for larger runs of 50+ as it’s not so economical for small orders. With Screen Printing there is a setup charge for the screens, but this is a one off charge and if you need more t shirt printing done later then we can use the screens again, as long as your design remains the same.

Transfer Printing doesn’t really have any of the ink absorbed into the clothing directly, as Transfer printing is where a transfer is applied directly on top of the garment. Transfer printing is ideal if you’re looking for short runs or single coloured logos to be applied to clothing as it gives a sharp and neat finish. You’re able to wash transferred printed garments up to 40 degrees C compared to screen printing which can be washed at up to 60 degrees C. However we and produce transfers specially for work wear which can be washed up to 90 degrees C.

DTG Printing or Direct to Garment is ideal if you’re looking for a low run of t-shirt printing under 50, but we are flexible on this number. DTG t shirt printing works best on white, light coloured and dark garments combined with a photo style or multi coloured image. DTG printing works like a giant inkjet printer and will print high quality images 600 x 600 dpi directly onto the t shirt. Direct to garment printed t shirts can be washed at 40 degrees C.